Stop 2: We Shall Be Free Tour at the Ohio State Capital Today To Serve Criminal Affidavit to Attorney General Dave Yost

April 29th, 2024


We Shall Be Free Tour at the Ohio State Capital Today
To Serve Criminal Affidavit to Attorney General Dave Yost

Navy Special Ops Veteran & Former Litigator Takes a Stand Against The Government’s

Flagrant Violation of Constitutional Principles in a Forty-Day Nationwide Tour

Thousands of Prisoners and Criminal Defendants Affected 


Press Conference Announcement:

Date: Today
Time: 3:00 PM EST
Location: Steps of the State Capitol Building, One Capital Square, Columbus, Ohio

A press conference will convene today at 3:00 PM EST on the steps of the State Capitol Building in Columbus, Ohio. The purpose of the conference is to address the serving of a criminal affidavit to the Attorney General of the State of Ohio, Dave Yost.

The affidavit alleges Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law and Conspiracy to Deprive of Rights by numerous judicial and executive branch officials. It seeks the indictment of these individuals and affects thousands of prisoners and criminal defendants across the entire State.

Civil rights activist and litigator Tanawah Downing of Washington DC stated, “Here in America, it is We the People who control our destiny, not the government. America has made many mistakes, but I am proud to know that we have resolved to learn from each of them, in order to be better and stronger as a result.”

According to the affidavit, individuals are being held illegally and unlawfully by the state on flagrant constitutional violations. It contends that the state of Indiana has chosen to secure these convictions in violation of the procedures and processes codified and enumerated within the constitution of the United States of America.

Navy Special Ops veteran Downing remarked, “My intent is to instruct our government to remember the obligations that they assume because of the People whom they serve.”

Downing’s courageous endeavor has resonated with citizens across the nation as he shines a spotlight on the corruption and shortcomings of the current legal framework, which he argues is rooted in historical injustices such as slavery and the pursuit of vengeance.

A spokesperson for the tour stated, “We urge every American to support Tanawah Downing in his quest for justice, as his actions have the potential to impact us all. This tour represents a critical step towards restoring our republic by demanding strict adherence to constitutional limitations and procedures.”

Moreover, Downing’s initiatives aim to pave the way for the reinstatement of the people’s grand jury and lawful remedies for all individuals affected by unconstitutional practices.

The forthcoming Supreme Court hearing is eagerly anticipated, with hopes that it will bring about significant legal precedents and reforms. Downing’s determination and dedication exemplify the spirit of grassroots activism and the pursuit of a fair and equitable legal system for all.

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