Stop 4: We Shall Be Free Tour at the Minnesota State Capital Today To Serve Criminal Affidavit to Attorney General Keith Ellison

May 6, 2024


We Shall Be Free Tour at the Minnesota State Capital Today
To Serve Criminal Affidavit to Attorney General Keith Ellison

Navy Special Ops Veteran, Civil Rights Advocate/Litigator Challenges Government’s 

Flagrant Violation of Constitutional Principles in a Forty-Day Nationwide Tour


Thousands of Prisoners and Criminal Defendants Across the State of Minnesota

Will Be Directly Affected By This Criminal Complaint

Minneapolis, Minnesota —A press conference will be held today at 11AM, on the steps of the State Capitol Building, 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., St. Paul. The conference will address the purpose of the serving of a criminal affidavit to the Attorney General of the State of Minnesota, Keith Ellison.

The affidavit alleges the Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law, and Conspiracy to Deprive of Rights by numerous judicial and executive branch officials. It seeks the indictment of these individuals and affects thousands of prisoners and criminal defendants across the entire State who were unlawfully charged without regard for the expressly written provisions of the Constitution.

“Here in America, it is We the People who control our destiny, not the government,” says civil rights activist and litigator Tanawah Downing of Washington DC. “America has made many mistakes, but I am proud to know that we have resolved to learn from each of them, in order to be better and stronger as a result.”

According to the affidavit, individuals are being held illegally and unlawfully by the state on blatant constitutional violations. It contends that the state of Minnesota has chosen to secure these convictions in violation of the procedures and processes, codified and enumerated within the Constitution of the United States of America.

Tanawah Downing is making people aware of the UNnalienable rights that we were all born with,” says Joyce Lacey 2022 Gubernatorial Candidate. “This means cannot be separated. He is helping us to defend the freedoms our forefathers fought for by claiming those rights.”         

“My intent is to instruct our government to remember the obligations that they assume,” says the Navy Special Ops veteran Downing, “because of the People whom they serve.” 

The 40 Day We Shall be Free tour will culminate in a pivotal hearing before the Supreme Court which Downing believe will be heard this June. Downing plans to present compelling evidence that he also believes will be a game-changer in the fight for justice. 

Media Invitation:

All media outlets are invited to participate in the press conference. Questions pertaining to the criminal complaint, as well as the larger Supreme Court address, will be answered.

Tanawah Downing 
Chief Legal Strategist
(202) 604-4473

Chistopher Stevens
Tour Co-Ordinator

Joyce Lacey
2022 Gubernatorial Candidate 

ABOUT: Tanawah Downing has embarked on a courageous and inspired 40-Day one-man-national tour to put Attorney Generals across the country on notice for unconstitutional acts. The affidavits he is serving expose the corruption of our archaic judicial system which is built upon the slavery institution and the need for vengeance. Every American needs to support this one man and his effort because his actions will impact each and every one of us in the future.  This a critical step in restoring our republic by requiring an exact adherence by government to the limitations on their power, as well as the procedures set forth by the Constitution. “Ensuring that exact adherence is not only our lawful right, it is our duty,”

Tanawah Downing graduated from George Washington University with a Masters Degree in Forensics and a Masters in Substantive Criminal Law.  Downing also holds a Masters in Information Security from the University of Fairfax.   He is the OPPOSITE of an attorney, who holds a Juris Doctorate. He follows Substantive Law rather than procedural law, the true law of the land.

Downing has also earned a Masters Degree in Law Enforcement. JD’s have a degree in the Court system (Administrative Law), whereas Downing has a degree in the Constitution (Executive Law). He has the degree that all prosecutors SHOULD have, because a prosecutor is supposed to be the highest law enforcement officer. Downing believes we need to look at the law through a fundamental lens with a keener  perspective to understand the magnitude of what is happening now. 

Joan Quinn Eastman


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