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In Massachusetts they think they can rob a woman of her right to protect herself for exercising her 1st Amendment AND assault her in the process! Arrested for challenging the unlawful actions of the Lawrence Police Department #ByWhatAuthority

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Lawrence, MA — Lawrence Police Department appears to be like my favorite martini, dirty, real dirty. For the most part, 2023 was rife with turmoil, resignations, and secrecy. Provisional police Chief William Castro, of the Lawrence Police Department, was suspended Thursday as a result of “a preponderance of evidence.” His appointment was purportedly a “political favor.”

A Lawrence PD search reads like a veritable rap sheet. Castro’s predecessor resigned in secrecy, while yet another officer, a Captain, was sued for using excessive force.

And 2024 is not looking much better.  In February, Supervising Sgt. Mike Simard was seen verbally and physically abusing protestors along with a band of cops who were at his command.

See the shocking excessive force that was used on two women here: 

Following an hour of peacefully protesting at The Department of Children and Families (DCF) in Lawrence, a melee ensued when Lawrence Police arrived, clearly spoiling for a fight. Eyewitnesses said protestor Shawn Nelson, the biggest and only black man in the group, was intentionally antagonized and provoked by the police. He was arrested when he swore.

While challenging the unlawful actions by the officers, Carly Downs was shocked as she was suddenly and violently tackled to the pavement face-first by two of LPD’s male officers on February 20th.

The moment she spoke up, they immediately grabbed her and slammed her to the pavement, placing her under arrest for “disturbing the peace.”  Her sunglasses were shattered, cutting her face as it was scraped against the ground. The officers then piled on top of her to cuff her, breaking two of her ribs in the process.

But wait, there’s more…

After violating her 1st Amendment right to protest and peacefully assemble, Lawrence PD trampled on Downs’ 2nd Amendment rights as well. They confiscated her gun, which she legally has a right to carry. And as if that wasn’t enough, LPD contacted her local police department where she obtained her LTC (License To Carry) and told them to suspend it. And they did. The question is, by what authority did they do all this? What gave them the right to blantantly disregard her rights?

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” says Downs. “A peaceful protest is the last place I would’ve expected that to happen, but I am proud to defend our rights just the same.”

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